In the spring of 2016, I was accepted into the youth fashion summit programme for sustainability.

Working Prior to the summit, were webinars with various themes ranging from new business models and systemic thinking to CSR communication and slow fashion, enlightening me about various aspects of sustainability from industry leaders from Nike, Patagonia and many more

As part of the summit, we worked on groups on the SDG’s to create and present demands, to the industry leaders at the Fashion Summit 2016. like Dilys Williams said: “This is the first generation of people who really understand climate change, and the last ones who can really do anything about it.”

The demand for the industry, which I worked on:

As inheritors of your roles, we demand you all to collaborate as active investors in a fashion industry where capital, profit and success are redefined and measured in more than monetary value.

By 2030, these concepts must be measured side by side with a holistic view of well being, social security, and global health.
The priority must be on collaboration, on knowledge sharing, on rethinking where we place our value, and a lowering of the barriers between people, companies, and countries which halt the flow of progress.

We want you to imagine a future wherein success can be measured, not just through financial gains, but equally through the sharing and increasing of knowledge, technological innovation, and social and environmental progress.

Many media outlets took notice of our demands, like Suzy Menkes, Business of Fashion, The Observer, Huffington Post and many more. Find the links below.

Now my hope is, that the industry also took notice and our voices will embed, and maybe be part of a shift in the way we look at, use, create, design, and waste fashion.

Suzy Menkes for Vogue., Business of Fashion, The Observer, Ecocuterre, Huffington Post, Made-by, Changemakers,